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Our IACP Certified Appraisal Services

IACP Certified® Crash Data Imaging / Vehicle Black Box Downloads - CDR Services / Insurance Fraud Investigations:

The CDR LII Technicians and Crash Data Analysts at Houston Auto Appraisers can provide you with our IACP Certified® Crash Data Retrieval imaging services on most foreign and domestic passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, SUV’s, commercial trucks and buses. We can travel to your location anywhere in the United States, Hawaii, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

We are exclusively retained by Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Attorneys, Criminal Defense Lawyers, Judges of the Municipal Courts, Insurance Fraud Investigators, Police Departments, FBI, Law Enforcement Agencies, Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, Fleet Managers, Automakers, and clients to provide them with PRE-CRASH, CRASH, and POST-CRASH data retrieved from a subject vehicle leading up to a collision with detailed information measured in milliseconds: -5sec…, -4sec…, -3sec, -2sec…, -1sec.., CRASH!


Event Data Recorder (EDR) retrieval as part of an insurance claim. In most insurance policies the language states that after an accident or loss, you or anyone else covered under this policy must cooperate with us in the investigation, settlement and defense of any claim or lawsuit. Failure to cooperate with is may result in the denial of the claim. If you are an insurance adjuster or insurance claims investigator and you need to obtain the EDR data on a claimants vehicle, give Houston Auto Appraisers a call today.

Event Data Recorder Retrieval – EDR for Criminal Defense Lawyers / District Attorneys / Police and Law Enforcement Agencies:

Houston Auto Appraisers automobile event data recorder retrieval services are admissible in Federal, Criminal, Civil, Justice of the Peace, and Small Claims Courts. Our experts have 20+ years’ experience providing court expert witness testimony at trials, depositions, and mediations.


Texas Judges have determined that the crash data evidence stored in the EDR system and imaged by Houston Auto Appraisers has been generally accepted as reliable and accurate by the automobile industry and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.


The imaged data retrieved from a vehicles airbag control module – Black box, of a suspect facing felony charges or civil litigation have been used to convict or exonerate defendants. Judges, Prosecutors, Trial Lawyers, and Juries have complimented that the expert witness testimony and crash data retrieval reports provided at trial are credible, understandable, easy to follow and reliable.

You can also have the Airbag Control Module – (ACM) removed and sent to us via overnight mail so that we can image the stored crash data and promptly return the module along with our IACP Certified® Crash Data Retrieval report in efforts to promptly assist with the fact-finding discovery of your case. Houston Auto Appraisers specializes in imaging data from various airbag manufacturers including: Takata Airbag Control Modules, ZF TRW Airbag Control Modules, Autoliv Inc. Airbag Control Modules, Daicel Corp Airbag Control Modules, and Nippon Kayaku Airbag Control Modules. Please call Houston Auto Appraisers independent CDR testing facility and speak with Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. at 1-877-845-2368 prior to sending.


Auto Accident Reconstruction

Are you a concerned insurance company, personal injury attorney, property damage attorney, or government agency needing a professional auto-accident investigator to prepare a reconstruction of an auto accident to assist with your litigation? Our professional reconstruction specialists will gather all required documentation to accurately recreate the accident scene. Evidence provided by/to the attorney should include photographs of accident scene, the exact location of point of impact, photos of the damaged vehicle, and eyewitness testimony. Our reports have assisted clients win numerous lawsuits throughout the United States.

Court Expert Witness / Expert Consultant

Houston Auto Appraisers prides itself as a knowledgeable and experienced expert in everything associated with the automotive world. We thoroughly research and prepare our cases when called upon to give Expert Witness testimony. We have served many law firms who have relied on our services.

Total Loss Appraisals 

If your vehicle was deemed a total loss by the Insurance company and you are not satisfied with their offer, you have the right to invoke the appraisal clause and hire Houston Auto Appraisers in order to determine the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle. An IACP certified auto appraiser will go to the location of the vehicle and determine the vehicles pre/post-loss condition and put together our detailed total loss appraisal that will be a certified document with critical evidence needed to support your claim. Should the two appraisal companies not come to a mutual agreement on the fair market value of your vehicle, an umpire will have to be selected and his or her final decision is binding. In most cases, we rarely need the assistance of an umpire. The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers maintains a list of qualified Umpires. See www.BOCAA.org.

Collision Estimates / Property Damage

Are you a concerned insurance company, attorney, or individual that needs a fast and accurate estimate of the claimants’ collision damages and cost to repair or total the vehicle? Our trained estimators will go to the location of the vehicle and create an official estimate using our collision estimating software Web-Est (A Mitchell International Repair Database) that will include the description, part number, body and paint labor rates and clear photos of the areas needing repair. The estimate will give you the exact dollar amount including applicable sales taxes so that you will know what to expect. Houston Auto Appraisers has the fastest turnaround policy of 3 days or less with most estimates completed and e-mailed by the next day. We pride ourselves on reducing the number of supplement re-inspections. Call us or visit www.BOCAA.org (The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers) to locate an Estimator or Appraiser in your local area. Our IACP Certified Auto Appraisers / Estimators are located nationwide and are ready each day to serve your claims department or collision estimating needs.

Delta V – Crash Severity: 

In most cases if the deceleration exceeds the crash threshold level of approximately 10-14 MPH the airbag will typically deploy.

The location of your Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) varies among auto manufacturers but the most common locations for passenger vehicle air bags noted by Houston Auto Appraisers are as follows:

  • Driver steering wheel, seats, knee air bags, roof posts and roof rails.
  • Passenger front dashboard, side impact, seat airbag, roof posts and roof rails.
  • Both rear passenger side impact, upper seats backs and deployable roll over protection.